Single Origin @ Rockwell Center, Makati

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  • April 22, 2017

Photo credit: Esquire Philippines

Tucked away in the busy streets of Makati, we found the second home of Single Origin by Carlo Lorenzana and Dodjie Violago, a neighborhood cafe that serves world-class cocktails, comfort food, and desserts. Single Origin’s name signifies that they only use single origin beans for the perfect cup of coffee. Many coffee lovers enjoy single origin beans to taste the nuances and flavors, especially if its a great single origin coffee. Most make sure they don’t carelessly blend the beans with others so the flavor is not destroyed.

Single Origin

“Relaxing ambiance” was our first impression, as we were welcomed by the sight of a group of friends that were constantly chatting as they shared food, surrounded by some who were having their me-time or trying to get some work done. The wooden furniture and brick walls contributed to the relaxed feel, and create the perfect space for a slow afternoon.

As the beautiful cup of Cappuccino Lava Cake (Php 295.00) was set in front of us and the vanilla ice cream continuously melted, the more we became eager to know what it tastes like. And yes, Single Origin’s Lava Cake did not let us down!

Cappuccino Lava Cake (Php 295.00)

The Cappuccino Lava Cake is made with Baked Molten Belgian Dark Chocolate with a mixture of Espresso. This balanced the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream. Like a volcano’s lava, the restaurant’s take on the cake will make you want more!

Single Origin’s comforting ambience and great food is a welcome addition to busy Makati.

Single Origin

18 Amorsolo Dr, Makati

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