Tim Horton’s @ Uptown Mall, BGC

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  • March 09, 2017

After months of waiting, Canada’s favorite coffee chain is finally in the Philippines, with its new home in  Uptown Mall, making it the first Southeast Asian stop of Tim Hortons.

Together with the Philippines, they have also recently expanded to the United States, and the Middle East. It is indeed amazing to see that this coffee chain which first served caffeine drinks and donuts in Ontario in 1964 is now hitting it big in different sides of the world. Due to its public demand, Tim Hortons line is incredibly long. But is it worth the wait? Timbits aside, we tried a few of their lesser known goodies to find out for you!


Photo Source: Tim Hortons Facebook Page

The façade shows the classic look of Tim Horton’s. It’s a clean look that’s very easy to spot in a crowded mall.


Photo Source: Tim Hortons Facebook Page

Since it was the opening day, there was a huge crowd lined up outside, all excited to try something new or to revisit old favorites they were able to try in Canada.


Vanilla Dip Donut (Php 50.00)

Our first pick during our visit is the Vanilla Dip Donut (Php 50.00)! The first reason is that it’s visually appealing, and yes, the looks did not deceive because this donut is amazingly well done. It is well-balanced making it not too sweet, and did we talk about the soft and smooth dough that feels like its melting in our mouths? It’s definitely a great signature first choice!


Tim Hortons’ Double Chocolate with Peanut Butter cookie (Php 60.00)



Tim Hortons’ Double Chocolate with Peanut Butter cookie (Php 60.00)

Next, we tried Tim Hortons’ Double Chocolate with Peanut Butter cookie (Php 60.00). This soft cookie will actually make you want more once you finish it, because if you are a big lover of peanut butter, the cookie’s filling will definitely satisfy your peanut butter addiction! This cookie is moist and chewy, with a home-baked feel. It’s best paired with hot coffee or an Iced Capp drink.


Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Muffin (Php 90.00)

The Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Muffin (Php 90.00) is also a satisfying choice. Each bite is so soft and pillowy that you almost forget the delectable chocolate chip pieces that surround it. It is also not too sweet and the chocolate blends in well with the red velvet mix. This take on the famous Red Velvet is a good reason to try this muffin.


Tim Hortons’ Chocolate Eclair (Php 50.00)

Now to satisfy your ultimate sweet tooth, Tim Hortons’ Chocolate Eclair (Php 50.00) is the best one on the list! The fine sweet cream filling with the chocolate topping of the eclair creates a chewy, sweet, and creamy mouthfeel. The size is just right, not too small, making this one of the most affordable eclairs available in Metro Manila!

Tim Hortons also has a vast selection of sandwiches and bagels that are also affordable for quick meals on the go. So we say, go now! The line might be long, but it is definitely worth it.

Tim Hortons

Uptown Place Mall

36th Street, corner 9th Avenue

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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