Writer’s Block Café @ Chino Roces

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  • April 18, 2017


Caffeine drinks with a hint of your favorite alcoholic mix? Yes, you read that right!


Writer’s Block Café


In the past few years, the Chino Roces or Pasong Tamo area of Makati has been the leading place for some of our favorite hipster hangouts, from bars, to warehouse offices, art galleries, and of course pastry and café shops. That is the reason why Writer’s Block also became a hit for many. Besides having some unique drink mixes, they also have incredibly good pastries and awesome hangover food.


Pastries at Writer’s Block Café

As you first enter The Alley at Karivin, Writer’s Block welcomes you right away. Your first impression will actually make you wonder if it is even cozy inside, since it is literally a small box with few seats and the barista area. But don’t let that discourage you from entering because according to the owners, Jackie Arceo and Julia Sevilla, the café was made to show their customers that you could still find a sense of serenity within this small space in the heart the city.


Writer’s Block Café

Writer’s Block first opened in 2016 and instantly grew in popularity in the neighborhood due to its unique menu. They use homegrown coffee beans, mainly from up north. Their pastries are also a mix of uniquely Filipino and international selections, like the Bibingka Slice, Tablea Brownie, Carrot Bar, and a selection of quiches, to name a few.


Quiches at Writer’s Block Café

 From those selections, we ordered three and it was served to us in one wooden plate. We first tried the Tablea Brownie (Php 80.00) and our first tip for this is you have to ask them to heat it up, because it is definitely best when it is served hot. Tablea is a famous cocoa in the Philippines used as a baking ingredient or even as a mixture for coffee or hot chocolate, and Writer’s Block’s brownie did not disappoint in flavor and texture! Its pure chocolate taste added with its crunchy top is the perfect partner to hot coffee.


Bibingka Slice, Carrot Bar, and Tablea Brownie at Writer’s Block Café

Carrot cake is a mainstay in the pastry industry but Writer’s Block’s Carrot Bar (Php 70.00) could definitely compete with your favorite with its soft texture and cream cheese frosting. Its visible carrot strips blend in properly with the texture of the bread.


Bibingka Slice, Carrot Bar, and Tablea Brownie at Writer’s Block Café

The Bibingka Slice (Php 60.00) is perfect to balance out everything, especially if you get a sweet drink from Writer’s Block, because with this one does not scrimp on the salted egg. But what we loved the most was that tiny bits of cheese was mixed in, too, and it feels like a perfect Filipino Christmas all over again.

Of course, we did not let our day pass without trying some of Writer’s Block’s famous drinks, unfortunately we went early and so it was not the right time to have some coffee cocktails. So yes, according to the barista, best to go at night, but be prepared to squeeze in with a lot of customers and regulars.

We paired our snacks with the creamy Azucarado Latte with Sweetened Milk and Whipped Cream (Php 150.00). It’s made of homegrown sugar cane juice mixed with condensed milk and frothy cream, creating a uniquely delicious drink.


Azucarado Latte with Sweetened Milk and Whipped Cream at Writer’s Block Café

We also tried the minty Honey Milk Tea (Php 145.00) to complete our delicious merienda.


Honey Milk Tea at Writer’s Block Café

Ready to experience a serene afternoon in the middle of the bustling city? Head over to the tiny yet lovely Writer’s Block Café.

Writer’s Block

The Alley at Karrivin Plaza

2316 Chino Roces Ave.

Makati City