Pastry Passion @ QC

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  • March 13, 2017


Pastry Passion is one of the hidden gems of Quezon City’s West Avenue. It’s one of those blink-and-you-will-miss-it places from the outside, but the cute and organized setup of the interiors will make you just want to sit and chat with your friend for hours.


Pastry Passion Quezon City

Even though we did not get a taste of their famous Mango Madness as it already ran out due to its popularity, we still got to try one of their bestsellers, which is the Concorde (Php 110.00). Its strong chocolate flavor compliments its mouthwatering presentation perfectly. Also, don’t get fooled by its rough texture, because that is the meringue mix that makes each bite melt in your mouth. The cake might be too sweet for some, but it is the kind of chocolate-sweet we like that will make you crave for more.


Concorde Cake at Pastry Passion

We embraced our love for fruits for our second selection and chose to try the Dayap Cake (Php 100.00). Dayap is local key lime, and is great for juices and flavoring. Slightly larger than calamansi, it has a similar sour taste. Its rind or peel has a stronger aroma than the calamansi.

At first glance, the cake may look very sweet because it is covered with pure white icing and a slice of Dayap skin as its décor on top. However, don’t let the looks deceive you, because you will definitely love each bite you take. The sweet and sour Dayap filling balances out the flavors of the slightly sweet and very moist cake. The texture of the fluffy icing, moist cake, and jam-like dayap filling complement each other perfectly. We imagine this would also be the perfect wedding cake for some sour-flavor loving couples.


Pastry Passion’s pasalubong selection also offers Caramel Tartlets, Ensaymada, cookies, and more. The affordability and quality in this pastry shop will make you leave their shop with a smile of satisfaction. Indeed, their pastries are made with love.

Pastry Passion

Mary Santos Arcade, West Avenue Corner Liwayway, Quezon City